Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drum Safari

Last night we went to one of our local library's weekly family events. It was called Drum Safari and consisted of a young drummer dad, his 5 year old daughter, and a whole lot of drums.
The man explained his various drums and taught the kids about the importance of drums in West Africa. He showed them how drums can "talk" and used a certain set of beats as a "call" to get the kids' attention. Then he held up giant pictures of African animals and quickly taught the kids little chants for each animal, each using a different rhythm.
Within minutes, the kids could repeat the chants and clap the rhythms. Zebra-black-and-white! Croc-o-dile Snap! Snap! And then he passed out drums and turned the kids loose!
There were lots of kids and lots of drums, but it never turned to chaos because all the leader had to do was hold up an animal sign and the kids started drumming that rhythm. If he wanted quiet, he played the special "call" and the kids stopped. It was quite amazing and a whole lot of fun!
Katherine played her drum and had an okay time, but it wasn't her favorite musical experince.
And her sister?

Well, Rachel the Rhythm Girl was in her element.
She watched carefully...
...and listened intently...
...and played her heart out!
I think I may have a drummer on my hands!

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