Thursday, May 1, 2014

Symphony in the WInd

I have wanted to blog all week, but computer issues have prevented it. So, here was Sunday's post four days late.

The girls and I went to Symphony on the Prairie, one of our favorite events of the year. It was warm and sunny and very, very windy. Such is spring time in Kansas! We had a picnic and chatted with friends and listened to some music.
At one point Katherine said, "You know Mom, the reason I like Symphony on the Prairie is to run around on the prairie. It's not really the music." I'm pretty sure that was true of every kid there, but it was fun to hear her admit it. But Kate did watch intently during part of the Youth Symphony songs, especially the violinists.
"Maybe I'll play with them some day," she said. We could both picture that...

When there was a break in the music, we headed for the much-anticipated prairie just to run around.
I insisted on a few posed pictures...
...then we could get on with the fun stuff. Like looking for ladybugs.
And throwing rocks in the pond.

And playing in the mud.
Later, we settled in to listen to the adult symphony play Italian folk songs and Journey tunes and pieces from Phantom of the Opera. There was a lot of giggling and tickling from the girls.

It was a perfect evening on the prairie.

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