Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Adjustments

The girls and I have been home for the summer for a week now.
I am always eager for the beginning of summer. For naps. And huge stacks of library books. And endless time stretching in front of me. But the girls? They really miss being surrounded by the busy, social world of school.
That means it has been a looong week. There has been some fighting. And a lot of whining.
And lots and lots of boredom. The kind that happens when the neighbors are still in school and summer classes haven't started and it's hot outside and your mom refuses to entertain you.
We have all been pretty much driving each other crazy!

But little by little, the girls are remembering how to occupy themselves.
Books are being read. Games are being played. The American Girl dolls are finally getting some play time. There are lots of whispered conversations and lots of giggles. Katherine agreed to paint Rae's finger and toenails. [Kate is a girl of many talents, but performing manicures is not one of them...]
We're all still a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities of summer...
but we'll take time to smell the roses
and learn to live life without a tight schedule.
And it will be glorious!

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