Saturday, February 1, 2014

She's 10!

Years ago I remember looking at a calendar of Chinese New Year dates and noticing that in 2014, Chinese New Year would fall on Katherine's birthday.  I have mentioned this to people and we have talked about it at home.  And then suddenly, 2014 was HERE.  So yesterday we welcomed in the Year of the Horse and my sweet little baby turned 10.  Ten!

Katherine didn't have many requests for her birthday.  She wanted to go out to dinner with all of her family and she wanted to do it on her actual birthday.  She wanted milkshakes instead of cake.  She she wanted a Simon game (the same blinking, beeping toy I had when I was her age in 1982).  And she wanted an electronic chess game.  Pretty easy to take care of those!

What she really wanted and was too afraid to ask for, was a keyboard.  And piano lessons.  When I suggested this very thing a few weeks ago, she was thrilled.  So after all the other gifts had been opened, Granny and Poppy brought in the biggest present.  And my musical girl?  She was beyond happy!
Today was Katherine's friend party.  She wanted a "cooking party" and invited friends from church and school.  Since her birthday falls in the middle of blizzard/ice storm/flu season, she is used to small turnouts at parties (one year only 1 friend made it).  But this year, all 7 friends arrived!

The Cooking Party was at Granny and Poppy's because they have more space and their floors are easier to clean.  This is an important consideration when cooking with 9 grade school kids at once!  Cooking Project #1 was making our own mini homemade pizzas.
While the pizza cooked, we made Cooking Project #2.  Kate picked the local animal shelter as her birthday charity, so we made dog biscuits.  The kids all had to taste them and declared them delicious!
By the time the doggie treats were ready to go in the oven, the pizza was done and we sat down to eat.  And giggle.  And show off a little.
The two boys had to leave early, which made the group much calmer and quieter.  (Boys are just loud.  Especially when they are showing off for girls.)  That was fine, because it meant the girls could spend all the time they wanted on Cooking Project #3.  Decorating cupcakes!

I set out plain cupcakes, six colors of frosting, candies, and assorted sprinkles and colored sugars.  The girls had a grand time icing  and trying out all possible toppings on the same cake .
It was a fun party, but we all went home tired.  I'm pretty sure Katherine was pleased with the celebration of her first decade.

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