Saturday, January 18, 2014

Woods and Sand

We went to the nature center today to look for bald eagles and play on the sandbar at the river.  As we hiked through the woods, we saw signs of beaver and lots and lots of deer tracks.
We also found this possum, well, playing possum.  The girls were just sure he was dead, but when we walked past that spot on the trail later, he had disappeared!
Eventually we reached the sandbar and its massive piles of driftwood.
Steve went off to look for eagles.  (He didn't find any, but we did see two bald eagles hanging around a pond on our way to the nature center.)  The girls and I were happy to just play on the "beach".

I was intrigued by animal tracks and shadows and wind.

I was totally fascinated by this broken stem of grass.  The wind had blown it along the sand in perfect circles, exactly the way I sometimes draw with a pencil and compass.
The girls had a grand time exploring fallen trees and piles of driftwood.

Wind and water, sand and trees, blue skies and my family.  My idea of a perfect winter morning.

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