Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Photo Walk

Katherine got a camera of her own for Christmas, a gift that pleased her immensely.  When the girls and I sat down Sunday to make a list of things to do this week, "taking pictures" was Kate's first choice.  So this afternoon we set out for a photo walk.
They took plenty of pictures!
Winter's beauty is more subtle than the flashiness of fall, but the details are so fascinating.

Leaves in the ice.

Berries against the sky.

The starkness of sticks.
The strange beauty of algae waving under a thin layer of ice.
And at the edge of every shot was Rachel.
My beautiful, fun loving, always-ready-to-pose Rae Girl.
We discovered a stand of cattails.
Cattails in winter are a hoot!

Rachel was not entirely convinced that they were not some sort of fuzzy animal...
I was intrigued by lichen growing on some trees.
I especially like the lichens that had snagged some floating seeds.
It was a wonderful to spend time appreciating nature and spending time with my girls.
A perfect way to end a year.

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