Friday, December 13, 2013

Kindergarten Gingerbread

I didn't have students today, so I was able to go next door and be in Rachel's class while they made gingerbread houses.  Rae was quite pleased about this.
The gingerbread houses were simple affairs - graham crackers and frosting with milk carton supports.  And lots of candy, of course.
Spreading frosting on gumdrops in order to attach them to a gingerbread roof is one of those things that is just a lot easier if you have ten working fingers.  Rachel, as always, figured out how to make do.  First she tried this method.
Later she smeared a gob of frosting on her little hand and then just picked up candies and dabbed them on the frosting.  It was kind of like watching someone use an artist's pallette.  My Rae always finds such ingenious ways to adapt!  Of course, frosting your hand gets messy and you sometimes the easiest way to clean up is just to lick.

The frosting the kids were using didn't hold up very well.  The sides stayed on their houses, but the roofs slid off.  After repairing them once or twice, the other kids gave up.  Not Rachel. 
She kept working on her roof and adding candies and sticking them back on, over and over.
She kept it up for nearly 45 minutes.  Patiently, persistently, always trying to improve.  My Rachel is Determined with a capital D!  She just kept frosting and licking.
In the end, her teacher finally convinced Rae to let her hot glue the roof on her gingerbread house.  By then Rachel didn't care.  She had just spent a grand afternoon playing with frosting and candy.  Who cares what the final house looked like?  Besides, she had a gingerbread man to eat!

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