Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The I Love America Concert

The girls had a school music program tonight. It was the one and only school program that they will BOTH be in!  The program had a patriotic theme and I have been listening to them sing the songs over and over (and over some more) in the car on the way to school for weeks.
Katherine, as always, sang her heart out.
She loves to sing and she loves the excitement of performing.
She especially loves it when there are actions or props or dancing to go with the songs.
This was Rachel's fourth school program (just the first at this school).  She never sang at her preschool programs, but I am proud to say that the 4th time is the charm! 
She sang every word and did every action.
At different times during the concert the kids had to wait while other classes sang.  Waiting is boring.
Really, really boring!
I was a bit worried, because Rachel was standing between the two orneriest little boys in her class.
As it turned out, she kept them in line!
I'd say the concert was a smashing success!

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