Saturday, November 23, 2013

6 Years Old

Today is Rachel's 6th birthday.  She's been looking forward to today since November 23rd last year!  She was awake at 5:30 this morning, wanting to know if it was time for her party yet...

Several weeks ago, I asked Rae what sort of theme she wanted for her birthday party.  She asked for a slumber party and I said no, but added that wearing pajamas would be fine.  She lit up and said, "A pajama party!  That's what I want!"  So, a pajama party it was!  And if you're having a pajama party, a fabulous new nightgown is in order.
Rachel's birthday list included pretty much anything she'd ever seen in the store, but the one thing she had asked repeatedly for was a doll.  It had to have long hair and it had to be blonde.  This made me cringe a bit, but it was what she really wanted.  So, today she received her doll.  Was she ever happy about that!
I found her later, wearing her princess nightgown and a tiara, reading her favorite book (called 26 Princesses) to her doll. 
At lunch time we hosted Rae's "friend party".  Three of her friends came over in their pajamas for pancakes.
I served syrup and fruit toppings, but the sprinkes and whipped cream in a can were far more popular!
There was a lot of birthday hype and running around and a whole lot of giggling.  I pulled out the nail polish to calm everyone down.  This pleased them greatly.
After that, all four little girls were happy to just play with Rachel's new toys.
After the party, I insisted that Rachel lie down for a rest.  Even though she's 6.  She slept for two hours and we all were happier then.

Tonight was the Family Party and most of the adults came in pajamas.  (Poppy doesn't usually wear pajamas, but Rae had warned him that he had to wear pants.  He bought pajama pants just for the occasion!).  Rachel was thrilled to have all of her family around her.  And she was pleased to open more presents.
One of her gifts was a pink bunny hat/scarf/mittens combo.  Poppy wore it for a while...
...and then cousin Bethanne did.
Rachel picked Grandpa to be the official card reader.
After presents and pizza, we had dessert - cake batter pancakes.  They looked like pancakes and tasted like cake - with sprinkles!
Happy 6th Birthday, Rachel Fu Shen!  You light up our lives and we love you dearly!

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