Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grace Goes to Camp

Our church had an evening at a nearby church camp this evening.  The weather was gorgeous and we had such a fun time!

Camp Horizon sits on a bluff overlooking the Arkansas river.
It is beautiful there any time of year, but the fall is especially stunning.
When we first arrived, we were handed a scavenger hunt list and told to find as many items as we could and photograph them.  It was a fun way to explore the natural beauty of the camp and to pay attention to the little things.  Some things on our list were an acorn...
a bird (nice turkey vulture, huh?)...
and a red leaf.
The girls humored me by posing at Inspiration Point.
Then they ran off ahead.  Rachel was kind of bored with the whole nature walk idea.  There weren't enough people to talk to!  After Katherine saw a snake Rae decided she was done.
Kate and I continued on our own for a while.  We walked through the woods for a bit, admiring the light through the trees.
We paused our communion with nature once when Kate asked what "moonwalking" was and I pulled up Michael Jackson videos on my phone.  Yes, it was as odd as it sounds!  Eventually Katherine opted to join the big group and I finished off the scavenger hunt on my own, mostly because I wasn't ready to stop soaking up the views.
We had a little church service and then roasted hot dogs and s'mores for supper.
It was a glorious evening!  Now we are sticky, dirty, and ready for bed.

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