Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walking for a Cure

Last October our family lost 3 family members or friends to cancer.  Since then I have become aware of how often we hear about cancer - in the newspaper, on the TV, during prayers at church, in casual conversations.  My girls equate cancer with death.  They think if you have cancer, you die. And this scares them. So today we did something to face those fears and to fight back. 

We walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
The Race for the Cure raises money to support breast cancer research.  And it is a fabulous, pink-themed party!
There were pink hats, pink wigs, pink jackets, pink socks.  And giant men with pink mohawks wearing pink tutus! Everywhere we looked there were women in pink shirts that said "Survivor".
There were also tents set up handing out all sorts of things - water, bananas, string bags, sweatbands.  Rachel was delighted to find that one tent was passing out pink fingernail polish!
Steve ran the actual Race for the Cure early in the morning (in the rain).  By the time we arrived, he had showered and changed and took time to bring us doughnuts.
When it was time, we set off with hundreds of other people, walking to fight cancer.
We walked a mile through quiet neighborhoods, surrounded by people walking for their loved ones.
It felt good to be doing something to honor all the people we hear about who are fighting for their lives.  Today we were proud to honor the pink.


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