Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Turquoise Refuge

Just over a year ago we had some insulation work done on our walls and had to repaint many rooms.  We promised the girls they could re-do their rooms and we let Katherine choose the paint color.  She picked turquoise, her favorite color.  We shopped for bedding and found something she liked, although I was surprised by how modern and grown up it looked.  We painted, moved her bed, and put on the new bedding.  And then stopped.  We never got around to putting things back on her walls, finding curtains, or anything else to finish the room.  For a year. [Decorating is not one of my greater skills...] At the beginning of this summer we made it a goal to actually finish the bedrooms.  Last week we finally got around to it.  So, here is Katherine's room.  I'll admit, I had my doubts about a very turquoise room, but it turns out that I love it.  So does Kate.
Katherine's old room had red magnetic strips mounted on the wall so she could hang up art projects and cards and odd little momentos.  She really wanted to keep these, so Steve repainted them and put them back up.
I had seen paper lanterns used as room decorations and liked the idea, but Katherine was unsure.  Once we put them up, though, she decided they were great.
I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for something to hang on the wall that would tie together the turquoise and lime green color scheme.  I found some interesting print sets, but didn't want to pay $45 dollars for them, unframed.  So I went to the craft store and made my own, with scrapbook paper and sale table frames.  I love these!
Kate's old dresser had ladybug drawer pulls on the top drawers.  She insisted that those had to go! (So sad...) We looked for new drawers pulls for months and couldn't find just the right ones.  Katherine and I were walking through a craft store this spring when she pointed and said, "There they are! That's what I want!"  And she was right.
Katherine's room is small, with a lot of furniture, but it has a lot of storage space.  That's a good thing, because this girl loves to collect stuff!
There are lots of shelves to store her favorites, like legos and books.
We even used the space behind the door to store bags and some of our hair bow collection.  Yes, I am aware that we have entirely too many hair accessories!  But don't they look cool arranged in rainbow order?
Over the past year, Katherine has begun spending long periods of time in her room.  She reads.  She weaves.  She draws.  She writes stories.  She invites Rachel in to play and then gets mad and kicks her out.  She daydreams.  She reads some more.  The turquoise room suits her.  It has become her refuge.  And it looks pretty cool, too.

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