Friday, August 9, 2013

Rae's Room

When it came time to paint bedrooms, Rachel wanted hers to be pink.  Of course!  I, however, couldn't stand the idea of an entire room covered in bubble gum pink.  So we compromised.  There is enough pink to please Rae and enough character to suit me.  Rachel's room can't help to make you happy!
I found the quilt on Rachel's bed two years ago.  Of course, we couldn't actually use it until we got her a full sized bed this spring...  In any case, I love the quilt.  It was the basis of the wall color scheme.
Rachel has loved seeing her name in print since she first learned to recognize letter R.  I knew I wanted to put her name on the wall some where in her room.  I found this name banner on etsy (what a wonderfull place to waste time online!).  The letters are made of quilting fabric that has been mounted on some sort of stiffening material.  Rachel loves it! So do I.
I found this tree on a sale table at a craft store around the time I bought Rachel's quilt.  It is made to use as a coat tree, but we're using it as wall sculpture.  I may add some birds or butterflies around it later.
My Mom made the curtains.  I wanted polka dot fabric, but suitable fabric was difficult to find.  Mom ended up buying another set of the polka dot sheets on Rae's bed and using that - much cheaper than quilt fabric and just as cute!
Rachel is so proud of her big bed.  She insists on showing it to anyone who visits the house.  Despite that, many nights she ends up sleeping on the floor!  Her favorite sleeping spot is this narrow area between the bed and the wall.  It's also where she stashes her blankie assortment and random stuffed animals when I tell her to clean her room.
The chest of drawers tends to collect odds and ends.  A preschool plaque, a Chinese umbrella, a fabulous castle craft from Princess Class, and the ever present hair bows.
There is even a little room for playing.  Most of the toys moved to the basement when Rachel got her new bed.  But the important stuff, Barbies and princesses, stayed!
Rachel had to make do with a rather plain, hand-me-down nursery for nearly four years but now she has a fabulous girly space all her own.  Miss Sunshine loves her room and so do I!

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