Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Friends, Flowers, and Chinese Food

   We had a roller skating party yesterday with our Families with Children from China group.  Two other famillies came, neither of whom we had met before.  The kids had fun skating (or trying to skate) the dads helped, and the moms sat and chatted. Katherine has been skating several times before and can circle the rink without falling down.  She was not impressed with all the flashing lights, though.  Rachel on roller skates is pretty much a disaster in waiting.  Luckily, she was far more interested in shmoozing with new friends than in actually skating.
   The botanical gardens were having an Asian Festival last evening, so we headed there next.  There were all sorts of vendors set up, serving food and selling trinkets.  The girls and I tried something labeled "pudding".  It was a sort of custard with lychee and grapes on top.  I have no clue what was in it, but it was quite tasty!
The weather was beautiful (not 105 and not raining!) so we explored the gardens a bit.  Rachel the Butterfly Whisperer managed to entice a butterfly to sit on her finger in the butterfly house.  She would live in there if she could!
Milder temperatures and plenty of rain this summer means the gardens at Botanica are lush and gorgeous.  My favorites last night were these blue water lillies with striped leaves.
The girls were delighted when Gracie and Abby, their new friends from the skating party, showed up.  All four kids had fun climbing in the Children's Garden.
When Gracie and Abby (who are older than either of my girls) decided to climb a tall arch, Rachel insisted on climbing, too.  She talked Kate into giving her a boost.
She made it!
Do you think she's proud?  She's certainly a determined little daredevil!
We had eggrolls and rice for dinner and ate in the gardens, under Chinese lanterns.  What a fun day!

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