Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tennis, Anyone?

The girls have been taking tennis lessons this summer.  Every morning they get up and walk themselves the two blocks to the tennis courts.  This morning I finally made it over to take some pictures of this, their current favorite sport.

This is Katherine's second year of tennis...
...and she loves it.
She takes it all very seriously.
And she has become competitive about her lessons.
She knows how many points she has earned in their skills games and exactly how she compares to her classmates.  But this new competition thing has made her work harder.  And she has gotten noticeably better.
She has even figured out how to serve.
She was slightly embarassed that I was taking photos of her, but she also wanted to make sure that I had some of her "from the front side, too".  Tennis is important to her and she wants to make sure that I document it!

Rachel, on the other hand, likes tennis because it's an excuse to socialize.  And take drink breaks.
But she takes her turn at attempting to whack a ball every now and then.
Mostly this invloves standing still with her racquet raised, hoping the ball her instructor tosses her actually makes contact.
Occasionally, it does.
At this level, tennis largely involves picking up balls.  Rachel has told me repeatedly how impressed she is by the number of balls her teacher can balance on a racquet!
But, as with all sports involving 5 year olds, the best parts are when you are waiting your turn.
Yep.  That's my kid!
After watching this, who wouldn't love tennis?

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