Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rock 'n Roll Concert

Katherine's spring music concert was tonight.  Her concerts are always fun and tonight's was especially cute, as it was a rock 'n roll theme with lots of familiar songs.

The kids were supposed to wear 50's clothing.  Kate didn't think her white shirt and rolled up jeans was authentic, but I assured her it would work.  (I think she was relieved when her teacher showed up in matching attire.)
The music was straight from the oldies station, starting with Blue Suede Shoes.  There was even an "Elvis"!
Then followed Stand By Me, Surfin' USA, and Tutti Frutti.
We've heard these songs at home for weeks and they always make me smile.  Rachel has picked up some of the tunes and I crack up every time I hear her belt out "A-wop-bop-a-loo-ba-a-wop-bam-boo!"
There were auditions for parts earlier this spring and Katherine tried out, although she wouldn't say which part she wanted.  So I wasn't too surprised when she came home and announced "I'm going to be a Beatlette!"  That would be a female Beatle.  I asked which Beatle and she shrugged.  "Not the drummer,"  she said. 
Judging from the round glasses and cool hat on her buddy Trent, I'm guessing that she wasn't John!
But she was happy to strum her inflatable guitar...
...and sing I Wanna Hold Your Hand while her "fans" screamed in appreciation.  And her grin says it was all a lot of fun!
Our Beatlette had quite the family fan club in the audience.  It's not every day that your parents and your sister and both sets of grandparents come to see you perform rock 'n roll!

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