Friday, May 31, 2013

Rae at Botanica

Rachel always loves our Botanica photo shoots, because she gets to dress up fancy and pose while the photographers shower her with attention.  Oh, and there are lots of bugs.  That's my Rae, half princess and half bug girl!  In any case, she looks beautiful in red...
Of course, for every serious pose there is a goofy one.
That's my Rachel, full of energy and endless questions.  One of her teachers this year described her as "spunky" and that is true!
She is the most affectionate child I have ever known, and one of the happiest. 
One of Rachel's very favorite places is the butterfly house at Botanica.  A whole building full of flowers and butterflies!
There were even ladybugs!
Much to her delight, Rae even coaxed a butterfly into sitting on her finger.  Twice!
Rachel befriended another little girl visiting the butterfly house (also named Rachel!) and shared the butterfly with her.
Spending time among the butterflies makes this girl happy!

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