Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kate at Botanica

We started the Botanica photo shoot tradition in 2009, while we were waiting to travel for Rachel.  Katherine wore a little sailor dress and was so adorable...
And now here she is at age 9 - not a little girl any more!
She begged to wear this dress.  It is very grown-up looking and it makes her feel beautiful.  And she looks wonderful in it.
In many ways, she is a very grown up 9 year old.  Intelligent.  Responsible.  Eager to learn new things.  She likes to help and is very dependable.
But she's also such a typical going-into-4th-grade kid.  Goofy.  Impatient.  Joke lover.  She likes history and mysteries and stories or movies that are just a little bit scary.
She is confident and happy (most of the time).  And while she is beginning to assert her independence and is eager to join the older kid world, she still likes be a little kid sometimes.
Especially if water is involved.  Cool, interactive water sculptures and fountains are particularly fun!
And yes, she is so wet that she is wringing out her skirt!  That is always a sign of a successful visit to the Children's Garden!

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