Friday, April 19, 2013

The Kitties

One of the best parts of living with my parents for 10 weeks was getting to spend time with their kitties.  We always had cats growing up and I always loved their endearing aloofness mixed with insistent affection.  Steve, however, hates cats so having a kitty for a pet now is not an option.  (Not that Rachel hasn't lobbied for one on many occasions!)

My parents have two black and white kitties, Botas and Bonita.  They acquired these cats years ago, when they lived in New Mexico (which is why the cats have Spanish names - Botas means "boots" and Bonita means "beautiful"). 

Botas is the lazy lover cat.  She spends nearly all her time sleeping.
She is laid back and nearly always calm.
She loves to be held and petted.  She even tolerates Rachel's rather intense affection.  (At least most of the time.)
And she loves to snuggle close.  Really close.  Preferrably right in your face!
Bonita is a totally different creature.  She is opinionated and aloof and very vocal.  She is the ultimate Boss Cat and is certain that she rules the house.  And maybe the world.
See that superior look in her eye?  It's always there.  She is the Queen and the knows it!
During our stay in her domain, Bonita decided that I had the best lap.  She demanded that I sit down (preferably in her favorite spot in her favorite chair) and arrange my legs into the position most comfortable for her and stay that way as long as she wanted.  She would follow me around and yowl until I met her demands.  I adored her demanding crankiness and let her boss me around more than I should have.  She makes me laugh...
Rachel was forever chasing Bonita around, trying to love on her.  Bonita eluded her as much as possible.  (Smart cat!)  The afternoon Bonita finally tolerated her admirer's affection was the highlight of Rae's week!
It has been wonderful to be back home, but I miss the kitties.  My lap is bare (and cold) every evening and there is no cat following me around telling me what to do.  I'm going to have to visit my parents so I can have some kitty time!

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