Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prairie Music

After yet another cold and dreary week, we were thrilled to see sunshine and some warmer weather this weekend.  Tonight, the girls and I drove out to spend the evening at Symphony on the Prairie and the weather was perfect!

There was live music all afternoon, ending with performances by the youth symphony and the area symphony, all played in the open air.  Lovely!
We sat with assorted friends from church and the kids had a good time socializing.  Katherine had fun practicing her babysitting skills with the younger kids.
But the girls favorite part of the evening by far was when we went out and roamed the prairie.
The kids had a grand time running wild.
They were quite fascinated with the prickly pear cactus that dotted the pasture and eagerly examined each one they found.
And there was a pond with a good supply of sticks handy.  There's nothing more entertaining to kids than throwing sticks in the water!
It was just a beautiful evening with my sunshine girls.

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