Saturday, April 6, 2013


Our church has been working on building a "playscape" for children on a neglected section of the grounds.  After months of piling up dirt, setting stones, and laying sod it is finally open!  This morning the girls and I and some other church friends initiated the playscape.  The kids had a grand time and have given their stamp of approval!
Part of the playscape will have a pathway studded with handmade stepping stones.  Today's gathering was to help make the stepping stones, something none of us had done before.  It turned out to be a lot of fun!

First we drew our designs on cardboard circles, the exact size of the stones.  Next, we taped circles of contact paper over the designs.  Then we used colored stones, bits of broken glass, seashells, and assorted other goodies to fill in the designs.
Rachel drew a ladybug on a flower (with help).  She wanted the flower to be pink, of course.  But after sticking on bits of glass for a while she decided that the bug would be too much work and opted to just finish the flower.
Katherine drew a dragonfly.  She knew what colors she wanted to use and how she wanted it to look.
She loved all the colored glass and thought picking out just the right shaped pieces was fun, sort of like putting together a puzzle.  She was fascinated by the whole process.
And me?  Well I thought it was all fascinating myself.  I made a frog, my favorite creature.  And he is pretty adorable, don't you think?
After we were finished with our mosaics, the pictures went into plastic planter bottoms and were covered over with mortar and concrete.  They have to try for 24 hours, but by tomorrow we should have some fabulous stepping stones!

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