Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bathroom Re-do #3

And now for the final, and most impressive, bathroom transformation!

We had a bathroom/laundry room in our basement.  It was, um, interesting.
It was dark and dingy and had some serious design flaws.  There were random exposed pipes. Oh, and that carpet was something special.
For reasons unknown, the toilet was sort of out in the middle of the room.  And you had to sit sideways to avoid banging your knees on the vanity.
And the shower? Well, it was scary!  The metal base was rusting through (who makes a shower out of metal?).  It was impossible to clean.  It was dark.  And it was so small your elbows stuck out the curtain.  This was a shower we only used when we were desperate.
The space between the washer and the shower was so narrow we couldn't set a laundry basket down and there was no space to sort or fold laundry.

I think it is safe to say that this room was the Pit of the house.

The plans for the new bathroom included moving a wall (and taking up a slice of the huge bedroom next door) and cutting through the concrete floor to re-plumb everything.  We knew this was major work and would be incredibly messy, but we were still stunned the day we came home to this...
It was interesting to see the steps in the rennovation process in this room.  It had to be re-wired and re-plumbed, the new walls and door built, the new shower built, and the washer and drier moved before anyone could think of tile and paint and light fixtures.  I was amused the day I came home and found this.
I have no idea why the plumbers needed such an enormous "elbow" collection!  I was not amused the day I found my kitchen rearranged to fit in the tile cutter.
The work took forever, but it was SO worth it!  Look at our bathroom/laundry room now!
The toilet is on the wall, not in the middle of the room, and it is impossible to bang your knees on anything!
There are cupboards to store supplies and counters to fold laundry on!  Not to mention plenty of floor space for laundry sorting!
And the shower?  Oh my goodness, the shower!
It's huge and clean and gorgeous!  We were amazed by the tile guy who worked in our house.  Check out the detail in the shower.
Steve chose the "theme" for this bathroom.  I must say, the Peanuts touches are pretty cute!
Every time I walk into this room I think "I can't believe this is my house!"  The transformation of this room is nothing short of amazing.  Wow!  The dreaded Pit is now my favorite room in the whole house.  This room makes me happy!


  1. Your bathrooms do look nice! We will be remodeling all 4 of our bathrooms in the near future, and I am dreading it. I know I will be glad when it's done but I hate having strangers in my house and most of all, I have no idea what I want them to look like. Is there anything you wish you had done differently? Perhaps spent more or less on one thing over another? I don't know where to start allocating our budget, hopefully I'll find a really good builder!

  2. csmith, I'll post my reply here. We (or at least I) only had vague ideas of what we wanted. Our contractor sent us to an interior designer who helped us pick the flooring and tile and that was really helpful. She guided us and could tell us what did and did not look good together. We had better luck at finding fixtures in Lowes and Home Depot than at specialty shops (and they were cheaper). There were some things we chose that were pretty basic priced (faucets, cabinets) and others we knew we wanted to go higher end on (countertops, easy-close drawers). Just plan on things costing more than the estimate! The only thing I know of so far that we would have done differently was to put a time schedule in the contract and some sort of penalty for work that took longer than reasonable to finish - 12 weeks was ridiculous!


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