Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weaving Lessons

Last summer, our dear friend Linda, who is a weaver, invited Katherine to come and weave with her some time.  Since discovering weaving in art class this winter, Kate has been begging to visit Linda and today was finally the day!

Linda took us on a tour of her sunny weaving room and all of her looms.
This is a room where even the scrap basket is interesting!
And then there is the yarn...  I don't weave or knit or crochet, but I could look at yarn all day long just to admire the colors and textures.  Gorgeous...
Katherine had a turn at the yarn winder, filling a spindle with yarn.
And then Linda set her down at the table loom and put her to work!
Kate, as usual, didn't say much of anything.  But she loved every minute of it!
I love the look of contented concentration in her eyes...
She quickly understood what to do and then was perfectly happy to sit and weave.
After an hour's work it was time to leave.  Katherine was pleased with what she had woven and it didn't matter to her at all that the piece wasn't finished yet.  She just loved the process.
As soon as we got in the car, Katherine started talking non-stop about her morning.  "That was so much fun!" she squealed.  Later she said, "I know it's no where near my birthday or Christmas, but I want a loom."  I think I have a weaver on my hands! 

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  1. Terrific! Don't buy a new loom. All of mine are from the 70s to 80s. They never wear out. Look on ebay. Then plan for it to take over your house.


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