Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Tea Party

Earlier this winter, Robie suggested we have a fancy tea party and let the girls invite a few friends.  Robie volunteered to be the host.  It sounded like great fun, so we set a date and sent out e-mail invitations.  And then the blizzards came and we had to postpone.  But today was sunny and warmer and just perfect for a fancy tea party!

We invited our good friends Amy and Anna and their mom.  The girls all arrived in their fanciest attire!
Robie had the table decorated with good china and fancy cake stands.
We had tea and pink lemonade, mini cupcakes (decorated with a huge variety of sprinkles!), rice crispy treats, jelly beans, and scones with lemon curd.
However, the most popular treats were dipped marshmallows and cucumber sandwiches!
We all had fun tasting things and chatting.
Robie even had games for the girls.  They'd never seen sugar cubes before, but were happy to play with some.  (Rachel had to sample several, of course!)
Then there was a relay involving spoons in your mouth and sugar cubes.  Mostly it was about who could giggle the loudest...
Afterward, the girls explored the house and played with the toy tea set.
Amy and Katherine, who were once orphanage "sisters" had to pose for their required picture together.  They've been friends for 9 years now.
Thank you to the fabulous Aunt Robie for a perfect afternoon!

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