Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday Snow

We are finishing up our Spring Break.  And a cold, gray, boring break it has been...  Let's just say we are all looking forward to returning to school tomorrow!

Last night, as sleet was falling outside, I stood in front of the girls' closets picking out church clothes.  I looked at all of their somber winter dresses in navy and purple and dark red and I wanted to cry.  Every year my longing for spring is so great it is visceral, something I can almost touch.  And this year is no different, probably even worse then usual since winter came late and has hung on drearily.  I finally decided that I could not do it.  I could not dress my girls in velveteen and black patent leather another week.  We were going to acknowledge Spring even if Mother Nature did not cooperate!  So I pulled out some new sundresses and added turtlenecks and tights so that no one would get frostbite.  That was a good thing, because we woke up so snow this morning.
So we pulled on our snow boots and stomped off to church in our spring finery, because today was the best Sunday of the year if you are a kid.  Today was Palm Sunday.

Church attendance was terrible, but there were kids and we had LOTS of palm branches. 
We had to wait through the announcements to make our grand entrance, so keeping the kids quiet and relatively calm was a priority.  Palm branch aerobics was a good solution!
Soon it was time for the procession.
There was singing and parading and much waving of palm branches.  Such glorious celebration to begin a week of somber sadness.  And a great day to be a kid.
Palm Sunday in the snow...

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