Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chinese New Year

This evening we had our annual Chinese New Year dinner with other adoptive families.  This was the 9th year we have celebrated with some of these families!

The girls dressed in their silks.  I think this year's dresses were some of the most gorgeous ever.
We had a little photo shoot before dinner.  Kate was annoyed that she's had to change her clothes and have her hair fixed again, so she was less than cooperative. 
She hates wearing her hair down, but it is SO pretty!
Rachel knew she was beautiful and was more than ready to pose.
We had a good times visiting with everyone during dinner.  Rachel had huge helpings of noodles and Katherine ate all the dumplings she could hold, so they were happy! 

Both girls enjoyed playing with their friend Laura.  Laura lives in our town, but we don't often get to see her.
We were a smaller than usual group tonight.  Usually we line the kids up and take a big group picture to celebrate the ties between our families.  But tonight, the teenagers were not going for that idea.  A quick most-of-the-group-in-one-area shot would have to do.
Xin Nian Kaui Le!  Happy Year of the Snake!

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