Saturday, January 26, 2013

Penguin Party

For years, Katherine has complained about having a winter birthday because it means she can't have an outdoors party.  Being born on January 31st means no parties at the swimming pool or park or anyplace fun. She brings this up often.  So a month ago when Kate announced that she wanted a penguin themed birthday party this year, I suggested we have it outside, at the park.  Katherine couldn't believe I really meant it!  But I figured the penguin theme cried out for cold weather and it's been so dry here that it was pretty unlikely that it would rain or snow.  We made invitations, passed them out, and hoped for good weather.

What we got was today - 59 degrees and sunny.  A perfect party day.  Maybe I should have given in to the outdoor party idea years ago!  We met at the wonderful park in the little town where she goes to school.  Soon, a group of her classmates arrived and they were all off running wild.
The kids would have played all afternoon, but I rounded them up for some games.  We had a "snowball" hunt - searching for hidden pompoms.  The drop-the-fish-in-the-jar game kept them entertained for a loooong time.  (And the fruit flavored licorice prizes were quite popular.)
Then it was time for the ultra-silly penguin waddle - walking/hopping with a half inflated ball between your knees!
Lots of giggling over that one!
Then we had penguin cupcakes and penguin crackers and hot chocolate.
Some of the kids had to leave, but the remainders headed off to play in the sand volleyball court.
As we finally packed up and left, Katherine announced "This was the best party EVER!"
It was a lot of fun.  And the donation box for baby David?  It held $62.35. 

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