Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The girls crept into our room at 4:23 AM to see if they could get up.  We sent them back to bed!  They got up at 6:00 and discovered that Santa really did come.
There were lots of fun gifts, of course.  After all had been opened, we did notice a couple of themes.  Katherine, who loves owls, ended up with quite an owl collection.
Rachel's gifts were mostly pink.  Lots and lots of pink.
Katherine spent the morning putting together legos and making designs with her spirograph.  Rachel tried out all her new lip balms and insisted on me reading the names of every single bug in her new bug guide.

Granny and Poppy came over to see what Santa left.  We're all impressed that Rachel can style Baby Rapunzel's (or Barbie's) hair into pigtails by herself!
After luch, we drove to Steve's brother's house to do Christmas with that side of the family.  (Yes, that made 5 Christmas parties in 5 days!)  This part of the clan doesn't appreciate my camera, so I never get many pictures.  We have fun anyway.
When we got back home, the girls hurried off to play Barbies.  Katherine doesn't care for the dolls, but Rachel got some really fabulous accessories that she was eager to try out!
After a while, Rachel introduced Baby Rapunzel to the play.  Rapunzel enjoyed Barbie's cooking efforts.
It's been a wonderful week of Christmas, full of family and fun.  I can't begin to count all of my blessings.  Merry Christmas!

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