Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Princess Turns 5

We have a 5 year old at our house!  Rachel's birthday was yesterday.  She reminded us every hour or so that "I'm 5 now!", just in case we forgot.  She planned a princess party, of course.
Robie and Brandon arrived wearing princess accessories, much to Rae's delight!
Rachel's only request for her cake was that it be pink and princessy.  That was easy enough.
And she was pleased.
The Girly Girl certainly received her share of girly presents - princesses, Barbies, Pinkalicious books, and lots and lots of lip gloss (because she's asked for lip gloss from everyone).  It was a lot of pink...
She had so much fun at her party that she went home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap to recover from it!  Then it was time for party #2.  Several months ago, Rachel simply announced that she would be having a friend birthday party this year.  (Katherine did the same thing at almost 5).  She invited several friends, but only one could come.  Rae did not care.  One friend is certainly enough for a party!  And she and Abby had a wonderful time.
The two princesses happily played with Barbies in the bedroom.  I peeked in once to find them carefully applying make-up to one another.
I eventually enticed them to come out and make princess crafts.
But then it was back to Barbies!
I'm a bit wistful at the thought of her growing up so fast.  I gently teased her about at least pretending to be my baby, but she wanted no part of that.  "I'm 5 now," she reminded me.  "I'm not going to be a baby ever again."  She's right, of course.  And perfectly happy to 5.

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