Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rapunzel Rainbow and Rachel

Steve was sick today, so Granny took Rachel to the dentist (whom she loves to visit).  Afterward, they had lunch with Robie and then Granny gave Rae an early birthday present.  She introduced Rachel to the wonders of Build a Bear...  And Rachel was DELIGHTED!

When I picked her up, Rachel was beaming and couldn't wait to introduce me to Rapunzel Rainbow Bear.
Rapunzel Rainbow has some pretty fabulous clothes...
Her attire, selected by Rachel of course, consists of Hello Kitty panties, a Rapunzel dress, and sparkly pink high heeled shoes.  This would also be Rachel's dream outfit. 
As I was taking pictures, Rae turned to be with big eyes and asked "Can I put on MY dress like this?"  Of course!
Now we have Rachel as Rapunzel holding Rapunzel Rainbow!
They have to share the hair, though.
I just love this almost 5 year old girl!

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