Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat

We have had a busy, Halloween themed day! 
Katherine is an owl this year.  She planned out what she wanted to look like and Granny put together a cool costume!
Rachel was Rapunzel, as depicted in Tangled.  Rapunzel is her favorite princess, because of the hair.  Granny made her costume, too, and has declared that this is the last princess dress she's going to make! 
Rae was worried that she didn't look like "Tangled" and I assured her that she did.  (Well, as much as a 4 year old Chinese kid can look like a blond haired, lavender eyed, cartoon princess...)  Rachel was delighted. She showed off her blond braid to anyone that would look - "See my long hair?"

This afternoon, I took the girls to a kids' Halloween concert put on by our local symphony.  They do this every year and it is great fun!  The entire orchestra dresses up in costume and the conductor stays in character the whole concert.  This year he was Cookie Monster and kept hollering "Me want cookie!" and inserting the word "cookie" into as many topics as possible.  The symphony plays short, fun pieces.  This year, they included songs from Star Wars and Phantom of the Opera.  In between pieces the local children's librarian talks about the music and reads silly Halloween themed books.  Katherine loved it all and Rachel managed to pay attention at least part of the concert.

Afterward, we went to our church's Trunk or Treat party.  We started this a couple of years ago and the girls LOVE it - much more fun than trick-or-treating!  Granny had a penguin car.
The girls visited all the decorated cars, although Rachel needed some coaxing to go to the scarier ones.
One vehicle was handing out garage sale found stuffed animals and Barbie dolls.  Rachel was thrilled with her Barbie - way better than candy!
There were s'mores - one of Katherine's favorites.
There was a not at all scary spook house inside a camper, face painting, and games.  The old fashioned fishing pond was a big hit.
I donated cupcakes to the Cupcake Walk, but they weren't anywhere as fancy as these skeleton and brain cakes!
The girls did the Cupcake Walk - Kate played for a loooong time before she won.
We love the gentle, old fashioned fun of Trunk or Treat.  After all, dressing up in costumes, playing games, and eating way too many sweets is always a good time!

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