Friday, October 26, 2012

Making the Most of a Day Off

I had parent teacher conferences this week, which made for a couple of exhausting days.  To make up for it, there was no school today.  So, we had a free day to fill! 

Originally, the plan was to make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  But yesterday fall, or maybe winter, arrived in full force.  It was 42 degrees with a windchill of 31 at noon - not exactly pumkin picking weather.  So we decided to pick up Granny and head to the city for some nice, warm indoor fun.  We did a little shopping, had Vietnamese food for lunch, went to the art museum, and visited a cool toy store.  It was just what we needed!

Granny and I used to take Katherine to the art museum when she was little and she loved it.  We have not been since Rachel came home and Kate had been begging to return.  So we did.  The girls weren't particularly interested in any of the art hung on walls.  (Katherine stopped in front of a huge modern piece made of paint smears and said, "I don't get it.")  They were somewhat interested in the sculpture.  But what they loved was the see-through "bridge" over the Dale Chihuly installation.  Chihuly is the artist that made this:
The piece they love is installed in a glassed-in ceiling and looks like some sort of fabulous coral reef.  You can stand or lay on plexiglass panels over the glass and examine it closely.  Which is great fun!
The art museum has a neat kids area, with hands-on activities.  Right now there is a pop art display, with copies of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichetenstein pieces (think tomato soup cans and giant Superman cartoons).  We talked a little about Andy Warhol and looked at some neat art books and then the girls just played.  Rachel did a short performance of the days-of-the-week song wearing a batman mask.
They colored and made texture rubbings.
Rachel, always a puzzle lover, was fascinated by giant magnetic wall puzzles.
What a fun, relaxing day!

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