Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Time

We usually go to the pumkin patch to get our jack-o-lantern pumpkins, but a funeral and unpleasant weather changed those plans this year.  So, we visited the glamorous Wal-Mart pumpkin stash instead.
Granny and Poppy came over this afternoon for the Big Carve.  Katherine was thrilled - carving jack-o-lanterns (and playing in pumpkin guts) is one of her very favorite activities.
Kate wanted to carve her own pumpkin, but discovered that she needed a little help - her pumkin had incredibly thick skin.
She was quite pleased with her finished jack-o-lantern!
Rachel was happy to let Granny carve her pumpkin.  She is not a fan of pumpkin guts...
She prefers the use-a-big-spoon-to-scoop method.
Rachel had very specifc ideas for what Granny was to carve.  Drawing the features was a must.  As was making some part a circle.  And vampire teeth.
She was proud of her fanged, slime-free pumpkin.  (Oh, the black scribbles near the top are "hair"!)
Happy Pumpkin Time!

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