Sunday, October 7, 2012

Camp Meeting

Our church had an evening of family fun and musical celebration at a nearby church camp this evening.
There was a percussion group performing and inviting the audience to join in.
Katherine was just going to watch, but it wasn't long before the drummers enticed her to play.
She learned some shaker moves...
...and then took a turn at these cool bells.
She thought playing percussion was a whole lot of fun!  Rachel spent her time jumping off every rock in the vicinity.
There were craft tables set up to make jingle bracelets
and homemade shakers.
Inside a building a harpist was playing, although that was not a big draw for the girls.  The tables set up with displays of musical instruments from all over the world were much more interesting.  Especially the one showing the Chinese flutes and hulusi flutes we brought back from China.
All the kids ran around in a pack, laughing and playing.  Rolling down a hill and playing in the dirt were popular activities.
And then my camera battery died.  Sooooo, you'll just have to imagine the rest of the evening.  The kids spied on an armadillo.  There were many, many games of tag and chase.  We passed around all the babies.  Everyone ate hotdogs.  We had a sing-along around the campfire.  I joined an enthusiastic group of kids for a walk out to Inspiration Point and a gorgeous view.  We made and ate s'mores.  No one really wanted to go home.

It was just a terrifically fun evening!

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