Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Lady Conversation

The girls and I went out for dinner last night.  In the middle of eating, Rachel started a most interesting conversation.  Here it is:

R:  It's bad manners to say "lady".
J:  No it isn't.
R:  "Lady" is a bad word.
J:  "Lady" is not!  You can say "That lady has a pink shirt" or "Give this to the lady".  It's just a word if you don't know someone's name.  Now, you wouldn't walk up to Granny and say "Lady, get me a drink." 
R:  [giggles] Okay.

three bites later...

R:  You can't say "fat lady".  It's bad manners.
J:  You're right about that!
R:  You can't say "old lady" either.
J:  Nope.  Telling someone she's fat or old is kind of like people calling you a baby.  You don't like that, so you?
R:  No!  "Fat" and "old" are bad manners. 

four bites later...

R:  Can you say "man"?

Glad we got all that cleared up!

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