Friday, July 20, 2012


The girls had their last session of swimming lessons today.  I'm glad to be done with hauling them to the pool and trying to find shade in 100 degree heat, but they would happily keep on swimming every day until it freezes.

Katherine has always been a cautious, rather fearful swimmer.  But not any more!
She has overcome her fears and learned to just jump in, because once the water is over your head, it doesn't matter if it is 5 feet or 25 feet deep.
She jumps in deep water.  She dives (sort of) from the side.  She swims multiple strokes.
She has turned into a true swimmer and she is one happy kid!
Rachel is a challenge to photograph at the pool, because this is what you see most of the time!
Her goal for swimming lessons is to spend as much time as possible underwater.
That and hanging out with the teachers in the hopes that they will take her out in the deep water.
Oh, and doing tricks with the dive toys.
One day the head instructor spent some time working with Rae and then told Steve "You have a fish!"  That would be true.  All she really wants is gills!

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