Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wedding

And now for the REAL reason we went to Chicago!
Robie gave the girls T-shirts that say "I'm in charge of the petals at Robin and Brandon's wedding."  I thought they were cute.  Rachel, however, was horrified when she received hers.  Why?  Because Robie bought their flower girl dresses last fall and they had been hanging in their closets for months and months.  The desses were pink and sparkly and oh so fancy and Rachel has been yearning to wear hers.  So her response to a wedding shirt was "But I have a wedding DRESS!"  Once I assured her that she would wear the dress, too, she was content to don the T-shirt.

Both girls were SO excited to put on their flower girl dresses and be fancy.  And they looked so sweet...
And my sister?  She was just...lovely.  Her dress was gorgeous, her hair was beautiful, and she was simply radient with happiness.
The wedding was small, just close family and a few friends.  It was held in a hotel conference room.  Odd as it sounds, it was a perfect setting.  People sat at tables and watched the short, simple ceremony.  Afterward, there were games and bubbles to entertain the many small children.  Then we had dinner at the same tables.  And when it was all over, we walked down the hall to our rooms.  It was great!

I was the Maid (Matron?) of Honor, so I don't have pictures of the actual ceremony.  But I do have some taken just before.
And I have pictures of my sister and her new family (but for some reason, none of just the bride and groom).
And lots of pictures of the play time afterward!
And although the dinner was delicous, I don't have pictures.  Except for Rachel's dessert.  Rae has a gluten intolerace, which makes dining more complicated and dessert often impossible.  But Robie had ordered Rachel her own wheat-free cupcake.  As dinner wound down, the wait staff couldn't find her cupcake.  Since they did not want to disappoint a 4 year old, they quickly made her a fruit sorbet.  And then they found the cupcake.  This was Rachel's reaction to the appearance of her dessert!
And her appreciation of a real cupcake.
And then we were ready for bed!

My sister's wedding was such a joyous event.  A true celebration.  And I am so happy that we were there to be a part of it all!

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  1. Congratulations to Robie! She looked so beautiful and happy with her new family! And, of course, the girls looked AMAZING! What a fun memory for them!!!


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