Monday, June 4, 2012

Turtle Time

Granny stopped by with a surprise she found in her yard.
Rachel did not know quite what to think about this new friend.
I explained that this was just a box turtle and that it could not hurt her at all.  Rae still thought it might bite.
She eventually was brave enough to touch the turtle's shell.
After a careful inspection, we put the turtle down and she marched across the yard in a very determined fashion.
We nosed her towards the flower bed.
And she happily went off to hid under our gigantic mum plant.
Rachel had lots of questions about the turtle, so we went inside and did some research.  We discovered that our turtle was a girl - female ornate box turtles have yellow eyes and light yellow markings, male turtles have red or orange eyes and orangish markings.  We learned that she eats worms, bugs, and berries.  We already knew that ornate box turtles are the Kansas state reptile.

Later, our turtle wandered out into the street and was found by some neighborhood kids who carted her off, much to Rachel's distress.  Poor, confused, turtle!

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