Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sand Art

Summer weather is here, with temperatures over 100 degrees.  It's HOT.  We are stuck inside and, well, bored.  So I have been searching the internet for things to do.  (I am only moderately creative on my own, but I'm terrific at stealing ideas.)  This morning's project was making sand art.  And it was fun!

The supplies were easy - salt, colored chalk, and small bottles.  Plus some pans and a funnel.
We poured some salt in a pan...
...and then rubbed chalk in the salt until the salt changed colors. 
The more you rub, the brighter the salt.
Then we poured the salt into the bottles, using a funnel.
The different colors formed layers in the bottles and made neat designs.
The girls thought this was great fun and worked for a long time.
By the time we were done, our chalk was pitted from the salt!
Our finished bottles were beautiful!
This was a good not-so-rainy-day project - cheap, easy, and a whole lot of fun.

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