Saturday, June 16, 2012

Roller Skating

The girls went a birthday party today at the roller rink.  It was their first time on roller skates and they were SO excited about it!
Rachel had over-the-shoe skates so well worn that they had to be held together with duct tape.  She stomped around with an air of confidence, determined to keep up with the big kids.
Katherine was obviously trying something totally new.  She was awkward and unbalanced and tried to skate as if she were wearing very high-heeled shoes.  But she was SO determined to skate.
The girls (and all of the kids) fell down
again and again
and again.
But they finally figured out how to skate.
I spent a good part of my childhood roller skating on the driveway or occasionally in a skating rink.  I was never very good, but I could skate reasonably well.  But I have not skated since Free Skating Night in college.  20 years ago.  I tried again today.  Let's just say I felt every bit of 40...  Or maybe 3.  But I skated and I did NOT fall down.  Barely.  And my girls now know about the magic of roller skating.

Katherine and the birthday girl, Hannah, still in the cling-to-the-side stage .

Rachel had a good time playing with Buddy Isaac, her pal (and Hannah's little brother).
Isaac really wanted to hold Rae's hand and skate, but she wasn't so sure.
It was a great party.  And the girls are begging to go skating again. I'm sure we will.

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