Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living History Museum

On our way home from Chicago, we visited the Living History Museum near Des Moines, Iowa.  What a fascinating place!  They had 3 working farms and an entire 1870's town with people in period costume going about their daily chores.  Katherine was in heaven!  (Me, too, actually.)  We started by riding a trailer out to the woods.
We took a short hike through the forest to an Ioway Indian farm, circa 1750.  There were little shelters, a garden, tools made from deer antlers and bones, and this winter house.  Rachel asked if it belonged to the Three Little Pigs!
Then we followed a path through the trees to a settler's "ox-driven" farm from 1850.
I believe Katherine would have happily stayed there all day!
The girls helped grind coffee, move coals to the smokehouse to smoke a ham, and watched the chickens strut around and take dust baths.  It was oh so interesting!
Then it was off to the 1900 "horse-driven" farm.  It looked like something straight out of Charlotte's Web.
Rachel was fascinated by the enormous work horses...
...and the kitty chasing mice in the corn crib...
...and the sleepy piglet (and his HUGE mama).
Katherine was interested in watching the horses work a machine that cracked corn.
Both girls were more than happy to pump water at the yard pump.
Then it was time for a tractor ride back to the 1875 town.  We wandered through a church, doctor's office, blacksmith, lawyer's office, and assorted other businesses.  The school, of course, was the girls' favorite!
We also toured several houses, of various levels of affluence.  These were all fully furnished and just fascinating to poke around in.
We had a wonderful time at the Living History Museum.  There were just so many things to see and do and learn.  I only wish we lived nearer so that we could visit more often!

Granny offered to buy each of the girls something at the museum store.  Katherine deliberated a long time and finally chose a slate and chalk, so she and Rae could play one-room school.  Rachel had spied a set of McGuffy readers in the school and wanted to take them home with her then and there.  We managed to talk her out of that, but when she saw the same readers for sale in the gift shop, she was insistent that we buy one.  She wants so much to be big!  Once we climbed back into the car for the long journey home, Rae sat looking through her new book.  Until sleep overcame her, that is.

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