Friday, June 15, 2012

The Children's Museum

Our second full day in Chicago we went to Navy Pier.  There are lots of things to see and do there - tons of restaurants, a ferris wheel, boats to tour, a stained glass museum, really interesting people watching.  Steve and my parents and aunt did some of those things, but the girls and I were there for one reason only.  The Chicago Children's Museum.  Is it ever a fascinating place!  We spent the entire afternoon there and the girls would have happily stayed for the next three weeks.
Here they are getting themselves measured (and posing for me).
They put out a massive house fire.
And tried out a cool slide that made noise when you slid down it.
We visited an I Spy room.
And joined the circus.
Katherine liked the building area.  (Rachel just stole everyone's nuts and bolts.)
Fill 'er up!
When we visited this museum 4 years ago, the dinosaur bone digging area was Kate's favorite.  She did some more excavating this time, too.
Rachel "drove" every vehicle - car, bus, fire truck, front-end loader, and her favorite, this jeep.  Her passengers soon discovered that she was a rather bossy driver!
Both girls loved climbing the two-storey "ship" nets and did so several times.
Rachel enjoyed dressing up as different bugs.  Here she is as a grasshopper. 

There were hundreds of things to do at the Children's museum and we tried many of them.  But the girls FAVORITE was the water play area.  It was so much fun and I took so many pictures that they will have to wait for a later post!

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