Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We just returned from my sister's wedding in Chicago.  My parents, Aunt Sharon, and the four of us drove up a few days early so that we could see some of the city's sights.  It was a loooong drive, but with two vehicles the girls rarely needed to be in the same car and that helped a lot.  They are great travelers when they don't have to share the back seat.

At a rest stop along the way we encountered this lovely family.
Granny and Sharon, who grew up on a dairy farm and saw more than their share of black and white cows, were charmed and posed for lots of pictures.
The first night we stayed in a hotel with a two-storey indoor water slide with no height restrictions.  Rachel took one look and announced "I'm going down that!"  And she did.  Over and over and over.  My job was to stand at the bottom of the slide and wait for her to come hurtling down into the over-her-head-deep swirl of water and watch for her little head to pop up so I could haul her out of the foam.  Over and over and over.  She never tired of it!  As soon as I helped her to the side, she jumped out and ran up the stairs to go again.  She came down frontwards, backwards, sideways, on her belly - none of it phased her in the least.  She came up grinning with excitement every single time.  After at least 30 trips down the slide I finally told her it was time to quit.  She is such a little dare devil!

We arrived at our hotel in Chicago and promptly hopped in the "L" and headed downtown.  It was Rachel's first train ride and she only had about 4,000 questions to ask. 
Sharon had never been on public transportation either.  Katherine, who rode the L four years ago, was totally confident and at ease about getting on and off trains.  In fact, she declared herself Sharon's "life guard" and made sure her great-aunt got everywhere safely!
One train station had a giant touchscreen ad that featured a transportation memory game.  This was endlessly fascinating to Rachel (and Steve).
And then we were in downtown Chicago!
Country bumpkins that we are, we wandered around craning our necks trying to see the tops of skyscrapers and marvelling at the traffic and huge crowds of people.  We were obvious tourists and frankly, we didn't care!

More of the Chicago series tomorrow...

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