Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rachel's Concert

Rachel's preschool had a concert this evening.  Last year, she spent the entire concert standing with her hands in her pockets.  She didn't sing a single word or do any of the actions.  But this year, she has grown up.  She sings constantly.  She can boogie to any sort of music.  We were sure she was ready to perform.
But it didn't start out so well.  For the first five songs, Rachel looked like this.
Everyone around her sang and did actions.  She stood.
And looked around.  It's one thing to sing in your clsasroom with 10 other kids and something else entirely to sing with 150 other preschoolers in matching T-shirts with a huge crowd of proud parents watching.
But then she finally spied Granny and Poppy.  And remembered that she knew these songs.  And liked them a lot.
So when 5 Little Monkeys started up, she decided to join in.  Here she is "teasing Mr. Crocodile - you can't catch me!"

And by I Am One Voice, she was totally into it.
I am one voice...
...singing my song.
My Rae Girl singing and signing.  Beautiful...

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