Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Insulation Education

Our house was built in the 60's and while parts have been updated since then, other things have not.  Like the windows.  They rattled every time someone walked across the room, stuck when you tried to open them, and tended to slam shut unless you propped them up with a stick.  So this spring we replaced them.  The new windows are great and they don't rattle and you can't feel a draft standing in front of them. So then it was time to insulate the walls.  Steve had rewired some switches in the house and had seen enough of the wall cavities to know that there was was room for a lot more insulation in there.  So he checked out various options and the insulation guys showed up yesterday.  They parked their giant truck in front of the house...
...and ran a hose through the front window.
Inside, they drilled holes every 16 inches all around the perimeter of the house.  That would be every room except the main bathroom!
Then they inserted their hose and filled the whole wall cavity with fluffy white fiberglass insulation.  It was actually kind of cool to watch.
Steve followed behind, collecting all the wall plugs.
And then he started patching.
And patching.  There are a LOT of holes.
This morning he taught Katherine how to patch.
There will be sanding.  And more patching. And finally, lots of painting.
We have our work cut out for us.  (And this is not the only summer project!)  But we should be warm and toasty this winter...

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