Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We have this dog named Maggie...
She eats the plants in the garden, and barks at 4:00 in the morning, and jumps on anyone that comes close.  But she IS beautiful.
And she has a lot of hair.  Lots and lots and lots.
Maggie is not exactly cooperative with her grooming regimen.
Because having her tangles brushed hurts.  And she doesn't like her tail touched for any reason.  And her attention span is about 1/2 a second long.
So she wiggles.  And rolls over.  And tries to bite the brush.  And snaps her teeth at tufts of hair floating by.  And any chance she gets, she makes a break for somewhere else.  Anywhere else.
But her people still insist that she be brushed.  At least every once in a while.
Too bad you can't use dog hair to make something useful, because this is the second bucket full today...
But after grooming time, there's fetch.
And that is just about Miss Maggie's favorite thing to do. 
Tomorrow, she'll probably uproot all the flowers Steve planted tonight.  But she'll sure look pretty doing it.

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