Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And now for an interruption...

The house is painted on the outside.  There are holes every 16 inches all the way around the inside of the house.  Some have the beginnings of patches and some are leaking fluffy white insulation.  The furniture is still a mess.  There is dust on everything (to be fair, some of it was there before the insulation arrived...).  There are about a thousand things I should be doing.  But I got distracted by flowers...

We have a lot of plants and flowers at our house and I love most of them.  But I think this one is the most fascinating.
It is a hydrangea.  According to the plant labels and books about plants, hydrangeas are supposed to bloom in either blue or pink, according to the acidity of the soil.  Apparently our soil is having an identity crisis, because our hydrangea blooms in pink...
and blue...
and even purple...
all at the same time.
Which makes it all the more beautiful.
I could look at these all day.
The colors change in different angles and different light.
I love the way each "flower" is actually made up of many, many tiny flowers.
And the way the colors vary, even on one "flower".
Watching the flowers open is a kind of magic.
This plant just makes me happy...
Creation at its best.

And now back to the dust and the drywall...

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