Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2nd Grade Play

Katherine was in the 2nd grade play this morning.
It was called The Students' Surprise and every kid had a part.
Katherine had a number of lines and played both a naughty student and an exasperated teacher.
Several weeks ago I asked Kate if we needed to practice her lines at home.  She said no.
Then she proceeded to recite the ENTIRE play!
Every word from beginning to end.  (And she could tell me who said what and block out all the action.)
This girl amazes me...
She also won awards for her grades and for racking up 177 AR points (a reading program - 100 points is considered "Principal's Club", the highest level).  Her teacher says Katherine likes academic competition and that her story sentences grow closer to chapter books.  That would be true!

 And to top it all off, all 4 of Katherine's grandparents were there to celebrate.
It's hard to believe that my sweet little girl only has 2 1/2 days of second grade left.  How did that happen?

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