Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flying Friends

There weren't many flowers blooming at the Arb, but there were lots if butterflies!  The girls and I were walking across a grassy area when a man stopped and pointed out a luna moth.  I had never seen a live one before, only pictures.
This was at 2:30 in the afternoon in full sunlight.  Luna moths are nocturnal, so I have no idea what he (or she) was doing there!  But he was gorgeous.
Even his furry white belly was beautiful.  We were amazed and spent a long time watching him.
As we were getting ready to leave the Arboretum, we spied this fine fellow gorging nectar.
Rachel was fascinated and chased him back and forth through the flowers.
Miss Butterfly was convinced that she could talk him into sitting on her finger.  She would stand in front of the plant he was feeding on and patiently hold out her finger. 

The butterfly never cooperated, but she didn't want to give up.  When we finally left, Rae announced
"That butterfly and the green one, they my friends!"

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