Monday, March 26, 2012

More Mad Science

We went to Mad Science Monday at the library again.  Today's project was to make a bridge with straws and tape and then to see how many pennies the bridge would support.  Katherine could not wait to start.
Our friend Charlie, who was in charge, came over to admire her work and give advice.
Rachel just liked playing with tape!
Her bridge consisted of two straws and didn't support a single penny, but she was proud!
Katherine happily worked on her bridge while the two other girls in the group built theirs. 

But the instructions were to work as a team to build ONE bridge.  Katherine finally took the initiative and convinced her team mates to put all of their bridges together.

Soon all three girls were working together.
Then the penny counting began.
They counted 127 pennies and the bridge still held.
Some of the other groups had also made strong bridges, but they had also had adult help.  Katherine's group had worked entirely on their own.  Charlie was impressed and came over to investigate.  He asked the girls all sorts of questions about how they had built their bridge.  Then he brought over a whole jar of pennies.
We didn't count, but the jar was filled to the 900 penny mark - and it held!  And three little engineers just beamed.

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